How To Add A Mouse Toggle To Your Firestick Or Android Box

mouse pointer for firestick and androids

Ok this has been a lifesaver for us as sometimes you will find an app that can’t be fully controlled via your firestick remote or android tv box remote so this app here is the answer as it allows you to have a mouse toggle pointer on your screen so you can control it as if you were on a laptop.




This will be a quick guide so we are presuming you already have the app called downloader on your firestick and know how to use it. (If not see our other guides)


How To Add A Mouse Pointer To Your Firestick


  1. Go to the Downloader app
  2. In the address bar enter
  3. Now install the apk then choose open
  4. Make sure Enable the mouse service is ON and Auto start the mouse service on device start-up is ON (they will be blue if turned on)


Great that’s it you can now press the home button on the remote to go back to the homescreen on the firestick.

To use mouse toggle or you have to do is when inside an app double press the play button and you will see mouse cursor and double press the play button again to make the mouse cursor disappear.




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