How To Enable Apps from Unknown Sources On Your Firestick & Find The IP Address

enable developer options firestick

For you to be able to install apps on your firestick from outside the native Amazon app store you will need to follow our guide on how to enable apps from unknown sources and also how to find the IP address of your firestick.




Ok, it goes without saying you will need yourself a firestick or fire tv then you will need to have it turned on and connected to the internet via your home wifi.


1. You will need to press the home button on the remote then press up to the top row and scroll across to settings.


enable apps from unkown sources home screen


2. Now scroll across to you see something called My Fire TV or Devices and press ok on it.


Enter the my fire tv settings


3. Now scroll down to developer options and press ok on it


select developer options on the firestick




4. Now you will see it say ADB Debugging you will want to press ok on the remote to turn it to ON.


turn on adb debugging and apps from unknown sources


Then you will need to make sure you go to Apps from unknown sources and click ok on that as well so that says ON.


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How to find the IP address of your firestick


This is very straightforward you will need to press the home button on the remote to get back to your home screen then press up and scroll across to the right to settings.


Now go back to the symbol that says My Fire TV or Device. Then click ok on About and press down to Network.


You will now see your IP address 2nd from the top just under SSID.


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